Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shackle Me Not - 2nd Demo

OK here's the second demo by 'Shackle Me Not' aka 'Shit Muck & Nails',we didn't really do a lot with this I think we maybe gave away 20 or so copies with various different sleeves we would knock together on the day of a gig. We did have a really nice bit of artwork drawn for us by the amazing tattooist 'Horikhan'. I'll stick it up when I find it. I cant really remember but SMN were together around 2003 to 2005 with just Karl on vocals with me joining on seconds vocals when 'Wives Of Seth' split.
As I said this is the 2nd demo but actually the 3rd recording by SMN. As we did a split CD with 'Deathskulls' inbetween demo's. Its was recorded by some really stoned guy in a shed somewhere near Southend. SMN was all over by the end of 2005 as we had a little trouble with the 'Back Boot'.
Here's a little potted history taken from Myspace
"This band came out of the ashes of the Fens when the marsh made us stink like cunts, the downside was karl who after singing in shite screamo band ( he was the shite bit, the others were quite good)in the mid 1990's decided that he would swap all his emo manilla envelope 7" s for big l's devil son 12", joined by Darrel Skinner (Burn All Flags, The Leif Ericsson, Karva, Poindexter) aka 'back boot' on second guitar. then Bloody Kev (Raging Speedhorn, Hard To Swallow, Hellvis, Dead Inside), the daughter of Bloody Joyce, . Mucky, Stringbean and Tea Boy were the yung uns (under thirty) and collected stool samples from the public toilets in Boston hospital. fingers in too many pies, hearts in too many places, not enough time, it was fun, see you in the next band".
The picture is of 'Back Boot' caged and our bassist Jamie.
OK get SMN 2nd Demo here.


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  3. hey kev,hope you had as good a weekend as i had...especially the saturday was great,don't think i laughed so much in a long long time....see ya sometime again i'm sure....