Friday, 13 February 2009

Wives Of Seth/Death Skulls 7" 2004 (+ 1)

Here's the 7" as promised on an earlier post. This was released in 2004. A split label release on Atrocity Exhibition/Burial Records.
There were 100 pressed on black vinyl with heavy brown card sleeves and 220 on black vinyl with white sleeves (some sleeves have fake blood spatters) .
I never really liked this recording as I hated the vocals but many people seemed to love it and I can't knock the awesome playing by the rest of the guys. Give it a listen let me know what you think.
I've also included 'Death Of Seth' which was a different version of 'Daughters Of Re' from the demo, it came out on the 'Bitter Days Ahead' Comp CD on 'Ghost City Records'. There's a really nice keyboard intro inspired by DIO's Holy Diver.
I'll maybe stick up the Deathskulls tracks when I've had a word with them to get permission.

Get WOS 7" here.

Get Death Of Seth here.


  1. Ok I love the vocals I think the productin is alittle dirfferent but I like this rough sound

  2. Hey Kev please give us maggots some new stuff!

  3. great stuff on here, cheers Kev!

  4. great stuff big fan hts , canvas and i saw helvis play with iron monkey upstairs at the garage in highbury. any chance of any phantom limb management?

  5. That was 666dead who played at the Garage with IM. Ive got no Phantom Limb stuff at all, although I did actually sing at the 1st few rehersals, we were called 'Grind Prix'then though. You would have to speak to Jim Rushby about PLM stuff.


    can someone tell me what this is?

  7. yeah this the cd of early material (95-97 when Goy was in the band) that Ben from DROP DEAD's label Armageddon put out in the U.S a few years back. Its features the two 7"s, 95 Demo and comp tracks. This stuff also came on on the cd version of Protected on Household Name, however there remasterd on here, with new artwork. Its a really nice package.

  8. Thanks for this, oh and 'Stop Jap' is a fucking awesome song.