Monday, 30 November 2009


Here's 4 songs recorded by John Hannon in Feb 09.
They were supposed to be coming out on either a split 7" or cd, neither of which has happened yet. So here they are anyway for download, seeing as we have changed our style and name to Regimes now its probably not worth putting them out anyway.
Go get them HERE.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Dead Inside - No 4

Sometimes when lifes getting you down there's nothing better than having a good old shout. Dead Inside's No 4 is exactly the case, I was having a very shit time of things mentally and emotinally around this time, with my Dad recently passing away and other crazy shit going on in my life. With life coming full circle like it sometimes does I've recently given this recording another listen and I reckon I really put my heart & soul into the lyrics and performance on here. Anyway enough of the miserable shit. This record came out in 2001 and was recorded by John Hannon, the Artwork was by Jason Farrell of Swizz/Bluetip etc., As good as this record is I was never happy with the production, it's way to thin (I have an unmixed version of this somewhere and the bottom end and bass are much heavier, which is pretty important with an increable bass player like Kay.) Also the version of the song 'Smashed' here was much popier than intended, again Ive got a much more ferocius 4 track of it somewhere. Dead Inside were always about our live shows anyway the sound was a lot more brutal live and by the end of the band our sound was going more in that direction anyway. I think my new band (Shut The Fuck Up) with Dead Inside guitarist Paul is going towards where we were eventually heading musically. The CD version came out on the 'Firefly Recordings label' and the vinyl on 'Wakusei' 100 on black vinyl and 400 on white.
OK the blog site 'My Little Bubble' has a download of this so I've just linked to that.

Monday, 28 September 2009


The trouble with kids today with their full sleeve tats and huge ear plugs before they are even 20 ,claiming to be straight Edge or Hardcore or whatever is they didn't give themselves time to be a bit shit first. I went through a whole host of stupid hair and music before I thought I knew where I was going. Anyway what I'm getting at is even my early music was as much a big mish mash of styles and stupidness as I was at the time. So here you have it 'Bloody Lovely's' 3rd demo tape You're Gonna Get Bloody Knacked!(the first 2 only featured me on vocals and Krodge on guitars with a crappy drum machine). This was the first demo proper as a full band. Somehow we built up a huge live following in the Nottingham area due to our over the top splatter and general cuntish antics on stage. (check out a little promo for the song Jimmy Hill to see this here) Some of the lyrics are a little un pc and subject matter a bit dodgy. But fuck it I didn't know any better at the time, or care to tell you the truth. OK thats got that off my chest so go check this shit out here. Love Aunty Kev

Friday, 21 August 2009

SPECTRA HAWK - Final Recording April/May 2009

OK seeing as were splitting up in a couple of months I thought I'd stick this up as I guess it's not gonna come out anywhere now. It was recorded at No recording by John Hannon. The 3 tracks are, 1 Destroyer/Ressurector & Arbitrator. 2 Monkey In A Bucket. There's a pretty cool 'Twisted Sister' sample at the begining of 'Destroyer'. Go get it here.

So we ended up not splitting up, but getting a new guitarist,a change in sound and a name change, 'Regimes'.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shackle Me Not - 2nd Demo

OK here's the second demo by 'Shackle Me Not' aka 'Shit Muck & Nails',we didn't really do a lot with this I think we maybe gave away 20 or so copies with various different sleeves we would knock together on the day of a gig. We did have a really nice bit of artwork drawn for us by the amazing tattooist 'Horikhan'. I'll stick it up when I find it. I cant really remember but SMN were together around 2003 to 2005 with just Karl on vocals with me joining on seconds vocals when 'Wives Of Seth' split.
As I said this is the 2nd demo but actually the 3rd recording by SMN. As we did a split CD with 'Deathskulls' inbetween demo's. Its was recorded by some really stoned guy in a shed somewhere near Southend. SMN was all over by the end of 2005 as we had a little trouble with the 'Back Boot'.
Here's a little potted history taken from Myspace
"This band came out of the ashes of the Fens when the marsh made us stink like cunts, the downside was karl who after singing in shite screamo band ( he was the shite bit, the others were quite good)in the mid 1990's decided that he would swap all his emo manilla envelope 7" s for big l's devil son 12", joined by Darrel Skinner (Burn All Flags, The Leif Ericsson, Karva, Poindexter) aka 'back boot' on second guitar. then Bloody Kev (Raging Speedhorn, Hard To Swallow, Hellvis, Dead Inside), the daughter of Bloody Joyce, . Mucky, Stringbean and Tea Boy were the yung uns (under thirty) and collected stool samples from the public toilets in Boston hospital. fingers in too many pies, hearts in too many places, not enough time, it was fun, see you in the next band".
The picture is of 'Back Boot' caged and our bassist Jamie.
OK get SMN 2nd Demo here.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Wives Of Seth/Death Skulls 7" 2004 (+ 1)

Here's the 7" as promised on an earlier post. This was released in 2004. A split label release on Atrocity Exhibition/Burial Records.
There were 100 pressed on black vinyl with heavy brown card sleeves and 220 on black vinyl with white sleeves (some sleeves have fake blood spatters) .
I never really liked this recording as I hated the vocals but many people seemed to love it and I can't knock the awesome playing by the rest of the guys. Give it a listen let me know what you think.
I've also included 'Death Of Seth' which was a different version of 'Daughters Of Re' from the demo, it came out on the 'Bitter Days Ahead' Comp CD on 'Ghost City Records'. There's a really nice keyboard intro inspired by DIO's Holy Diver.
I'll maybe stick up the Deathskulls tracks when I've had a word with them to get permission.

Get WOS 7" here.

Get Death Of Seth here.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Helvis - Genocider 7" 1998

Wow! what can I say about this record?. It's just sounds totally sick, it's loud. raw, sloppy and sounds like it's been recorded in a dustbin but thats what make it great. This is the 1st release by Helvis it was recorded in Sept 1998 which is a couple of years before I joined full time. The line up here is Chris Marygold bass (later guitar), Steve Watson guitar (he went on to form the awesome Ravens Creed), Stu Toolin guitar, Kev Frost from Varukers on drums and Dorian Walters on vocals (who later went onto the insane Black Eye Riot). This is the only recording by this line up as it fell apart at a gig thats gone down in Nottingham punk folklore known as 'The Six Minutes Of Shame'. My band Sixhundredandsixtysixdead were in support that night so I had the pleasure to witness this shambolic event, Great stuff! O Yeah me and Marvin sing back ups on this. It came out on Weird Records in 1998. If you like it, I've just seen 6 copies for sale on ebay now.
A beautiful moment from the '6 Minutes Of Shame' above.
Get Genocider here.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Helvis - Total Rock Radio Session 2002

Helvis were together 1998 - 2003 and were a mishmash of discharge and bad metal, I originally stood in to help out after they lost yet another (their 3rd?) singer, anyway I ended up staying and this was our final recording. I'll post the 1st 7" next which is pre- me in 1998, It's quite something.
Alright these are all the songs recorded for the Total Rock Radio session sometime around July/August 2002. I think we were in London to play the Johnny Morrow Tribute gig in Camden Underworld the same weekend. Only 4 songs were aired a couple of months later along with an interview with guitarist Chris. (If anyone has a recording of that please get in touch).

2 or 3 songs were sang by Gords now of 'Geriatric Unit'. He also did a load of back ups along with Bobby Vimto and Chris. I've left all the songs we fucked up at the end.

OK Pagans go shake the Hand Of Glory here.

Hard To Swallow - Live In Leeds 10" 1999

OK here it is as promised. The 'Live In Leeds' 10" released on Karl from Canvas label Contrition Records. This was recorded at The Fenton pub in Leeds on 22nd Feb 1999. No Rolling Stones mobile recording unit here ,this was done on a mini-disc Walkman by Kalv Piper stood on the bar at the back. I remember this night well as it was our friend/merc/photo guy Bobby Vimto's birthday and he knocked himself unconscious whilst being a drunken fool. Great night! but unfortunately no pictures from the gig for the sleeve.

Ah yes the sleeve, we thought we should make it look nice to trick people into buying such a shit recording ha! ha!. But either way it looked great with its Who/Heresy rip off outer 12" sleeve then the AC/DC 10"sleeve inside. I think 502 were pressed on green vinyl and 27 on green and black vinyl like the picture below. There is also more 'Wicker Man' stuff here, from the vinyl labels to the stupid samples on the recording, obviously added at a later date. The whole thing was put together at Thumb Studio in Nottingham, which is where the bonus track was recorded a total piss take involving a few of HTS with Chris Neary and Paul Inger getting involved as well. Big thanks to Chris Ashworth for ripping this for me.
Its ripped as side a and side b.
Tracks Side A - Wicker Man intro/AC/DC intro/Hard To Swallow/Only A Glimpse of.../Pillblind/Needle Deep/Eyespot/Wicker Man outro closed groove.
Side B - Chainstich/Barricade/Melted/Strapped intro/Bonus Track/Wicker Man.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Diklikkas - Drugs of Youth/Animal Subhumans covers 1999

I love this recording. It came out on the Subhumans covers CD 'Still Can't Hear The Words' on the Blackfish label. We put this band together just to record this, with the idea of doing stuff on any covers albums we could get onto in the future. However this is the only one we did.

I seem to remember having a really bad cold the day we recorded this, hence why the vocals are so fucked up. The line up was me on Vocals, Sean of Hard To Swallow good guitar, Jim Hard To Swallow Bass & Backups, Marvin of Varukers bad guitar and Kev Frost of Varukers/Helvis Drums. The opening sample is from the film 'The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue' (the best Zombie film ever made in my opinion). If you listen carefully at the end theres another sample from 'Animal Fuck Like A Beast' by W.A.S.P. Also check out the Black Sabbath section linking up the two songs. For some reason this recording upset a few people, I'll never understand why.
Diklikkas download here

Dead Inside - Demo 2000

Some more Dead Inside here, this is the 2000 demo recorded by Pete Lyons at Zed One Studio in Camden Town. This was later released on a very limited (300 I think) grey and black 7" vinyl by Speedowax in about 2006. I've not got a copy of the original CDR sleeve which was of rain on a window in Scott the guitarist's house. So here the unused 7" sleeve and a pic of the vinyl.

HARD TO SWALLOW almost everything.

I was gonna post up all the HARD TO SWALLOW stuff but it seems I've been beaten to it. So check out the Underclass/HTS split , Manfat/HTS split and 'Protected' Lp here, there all nice copies from the vinyl. Which is great because the 'Protected' Lp was remastered and sounded much fatter than the CD. Thanks to Fugitive Equilibrium for that and being an awesome blog.
Lil at Household Name Records tells he has a few copies of the 'Protected' vinyl left, so if you enjoyed the download please support his label and try and pick one up here.

You can check out Canvas/HTS split, Demo and comp tracks here. at 99 Miles of bad blogs.

When I buy a mp3 deck I'll upload the HTS 'Live in Leeds' 10" and I'll try and get around to finding some nice live/practice versions of the unrecorded songs. So keep checking.

OK heres the version of 'Hard to Swallow' that was on 'Decade of Dissidence Worst of the 1in12 Club vol14/15' CD. Its the same except its got a nice sample from 'Nuts In May' at the start.

download here.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sixhundredandsixtysixdead 7" 1999

OK here it is, the one and only release by Sixhundredandsixtysixdead. The line up was Kalv and Steve ex of Heresy, plus Me and Sean of Hard To Swallow. This is one of my favourite recording I ever appeared on. Not the best sound quality but just totally harsh and full of energy. This was a posthumous release on the awesome Violent Change label ran by Steve Stewart of Voorhees, The Horror etc., Its uploaded as side a and side b.

Tracks - Side A -Dont Look Now/Index Of Shame/Forever Winter Side B - Split Face/Catapult. There were 500 copies of this pressed onto white vinyl.
An amazing picture on the back sleeve where every member has black eyes (real ones at that). I'll upload a better scan when I get one.
For now I'll put the original photo up aswell. All pictures are by Bobby Vimto.
I really love the sample at the start which is from my favorite Pete Walker movie 'The Comeback'.666
666dead 7" download

Dead Inside - last recording unreleased 2002

This was the last ever song we recorded before we split up in Aug 2002. Its a cover of Iron Maiden's 'Prowler' that was recorded on an 8 track by Jamie Hinch of The Kills. Its was originally supposed to be on the cover CD of the final copy of Fracture fanzine but neither it or the zine saw the light of day. This is one of the un-used lp cover designs by Jason Farrell.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Dead Inside - unreleased split 7" 2001

These 2 songs were originally due for a split 7" with either Kids Near Water or Dukes Of Nothing , alas it was never to be. Both were re-recorded in shorter versions for the 'No4' lp a little later.
Unreleased 7" download

Ray Reardon Youth - UK Snooker Violence Demo 2006

Some time after Wives Of Seth split a few of us hooked up with Mad John of Deathskulls. These are the only tracks ever recorded and they never really saw the light of day as the band was only together about 8 months. (2 songs made it onto the 'Hardcore Superstars' comp CD on the Never Healed label)

Wives Of Seth - Demo 2003

Here's the 2003 demo by Wives of Seth. Based in London this short lived band featured ex members of Hard To Swallow,Tribute and Soon The Darkness among other UK hardcore types. I personally think these tracks here are far superior to the split 7" we did with Deathskulls a year later. Which I'll upload some other time.
The samples are of Don Logan from the movie 'Sexy Beast'.

Check it out