Monday, 28 September 2009


The trouble with kids today with their full sleeve tats and huge ear plugs before they are even 20 ,claiming to be straight Edge or Hardcore or whatever is they didn't give themselves time to be a bit shit first. I went through a whole host of stupid hair and music before I thought I knew where I was going. Anyway what I'm getting at is even my early music was as much a big mish mash of styles and stupidness as I was at the time. So here you have it 'Bloody Lovely's' 3rd demo tape You're Gonna Get Bloody Knacked!(the first 2 only featured me on vocals and Krodge on guitars with a crappy drum machine). This was the first demo proper as a full band. Somehow we built up a huge live following in the Nottingham area due to our over the top splatter and general cuntish antics on stage. (check out a little promo for the song Jimmy Hill to see this here) Some of the lyrics are a little un pc and subject matter a bit dodgy. But fuck it I didn't know any better at the time, or care to tell you the truth. OK thats got that off my chest so go check this shit out here. Love Aunty Kev


  1. this brings back memories of touring the uk and spending a night watching video's of bloody lovely, smoking bad weed and listening to the wicker man soundtrack.
    aaaaaahhh good times,

  2. damn
    doesn't include pervy pirates
    or the one that goes
    'dick willie spunk banana fritter do you take it up the shitter?'

    can you sort these out at some point?

    btw what's that stain is still awesome......

  3. See also youtube
    For more Bloody Lovely !