Saturday, 24 October 2009

Dead Inside - No 4

Sometimes when lifes getting you down there's nothing better than having a good old shout. Dead Inside's No 4 is exactly the case, I was having a very shit time of things mentally and emotinally around this time, with my Dad recently passing away and other crazy shit going on in my life. With life coming full circle like it sometimes does I've recently given this recording another listen and I reckon I really put my heart & soul into the lyrics and performance on here. Anyway enough of the miserable shit. This record came out in 2001 and was recorded by John Hannon, the Artwork was by Jason Farrell of Swizz/Bluetip etc., As good as this record is I was never happy with the production, it's way to thin (I have an unmixed version of this somewhere and the bottom end and bass are much heavier, which is pretty important with an increable bass player like Kay.) Also the version of the song 'Smashed' here was much popier than intended, again Ive got a much more ferocius 4 track of it somewhere. Dead Inside were always about our live shows anyway the sound was a lot more brutal live and by the end of the band our sound was going more in that direction anyway. I think my new band (Shut The Fuck Up) with Dead Inside guitarist Paul is going towards where we were eventually heading musically. The CD version came out on the 'Firefly Recordings label' and the vinyl on 'Wakusei' 100 on black vinyl and 400 on white.
OK the blog site 'My Little Bubble' has a download of this so I've just linked to that.


  1. alreet kev
    soz about the wrong pics,power of google & me fuckin up-i'll sort it out.no4 is totally great album.hope yooos are well. dhx

  2. Bloody hell its 10 years since Dead Inside split up, thats flown by.