Sunday, 10 January 2010

S.T.F.U. Demo 2009

OK this is the 1st recording by my Barcelona based band 'Shut The Fuck Up'. It was recorded in our practice space on two mikes and mixed by guitarist Paul, the vocals were done a little later in our friend Rich's studio in London. I'm loving this recording because its really caputred our energy. OK the line up is, me on vocals, Paul Symes (ex of Dead Inside/Bullet Union) on guitar, Camisa (ex Gulag) on Bass and Pepe (of Kids Pantera/ C_U_R_A_S_A_N ) on drums. If you want a cassette copy of this get in contact with us through our myspace, or better still print out the sleeve and make you and your friends some copies. The tracks are 'Facistionesta' , '60/40', I'll Fuckin Sink You' & 'Dead Mans Plate'. The lyrics are about about usual shit like my hate of 'Vice' reading fashion punks, Hating your job or just hating jobs in general, Ex's and doing stuff that you hate doing but still doing it anyway. OK thats enough talk now listen. STFU Demo

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  1. fucking raw man!this is really good,I really dig the production