Monday, 30 November 2009


Here's 4 songs recorded by John Hannon in Feb 09.
They were supposed to be coming out on either a split 7" or cd, neither of which has happened yet. So here they are anyway for download, seeing as we have changed our style and name to Regimes now its probably not worth putting them out anyway.
Go get them HERE.


  1. According to Regimes' mypsace you're playing the Bird's Nest on the 18th and STFU myspace says they are playing The Grosvenor on the 18th. How is that working?

  2. REGIMES on at 930pm and hopefully STFU on at 810ish, So I'm gonna have to get a cab and hopefully make it in time.

  3. Cool, if I make it to the STFU show I'll split a taxi with you

  4. cool stuff thx man!how bout sharing some RSH boots with you ?

  5. i'll have a search around, Ive not got alot really maybe a few practice bits and bobs of un used stuff.

  6. yeah anythin RSH related would be awesome one of the best fucking bands around (well not anymore)any unheard stuff,rehearsal,demos bonustracks this blog

  7. I have a few RSH boots:
    Live In Corby August 8th 2003 (the one where everything cuts out constantly after an incident with a fuse box apparently)
    Live At The Barfly June 1st 2005 (Kev's 6th show)
    Live At The Harlequin October 21st 2006 (from before the release of Before The Sea so rough early versions of tracks from that in the set)

    I know someone who has loads (he boots them himself) they are London/South East heavy AFAIK

  8. how bout postin them?would kill to have those.Is the corby one the one where they start to laugh at the growl beginning of Iron Cobra?Its a great one.

  9. Done.

    I will try and track a few more down from a few people/places.