Thursday, 5 February 2009

HARD TO SWALLOW almost everything.

I was gonna post up all the HARD TO SWALLOW stuff but it seems I've been beaten to it. So check out the Underclass/HTS split , Manfat/HTS split and 'Protected' Lp here, there all nice copies from the vinyl. Which is great because the 'Protected' Lp was remastered and sounded much fatter than the CD. Thanks to Fugitive Equilibrium for that and being an awesome blog.
Lil at Household Name Records tells he has a few copies of the 'Protected' vinyl left, so if you enjoyed the download please support his label and try and pick one up here.

You can check out Canvas/HTS split, Demo and comp tracks here. at 99 Miles of bad blogs.

When I buy a mp3 deck I'll upload the HTS 'Live in Leeds' 10" and I'll try and get around to finding some nice live/practice versions of the unrecorded songs. So keep checking.

OK heres the version of 'Hard to Swallow' that was on 'Decade of Dissidence Worst of the 1in12 Club vol14/15' CD. Its the same except its got a nice sample from 'Nuts In May' at the start.

download here.


  1. any chance you cold post the lyrics to the 'Protected...' album?

  2. the links at the hard to swallow discography don't work.....

  3. Please reupload - all the links are dead and / or removed for violations!

  4. +1 for reupload!