Monday, 9 February 2009

Hard To Swallow - Live In Leeds 10" 1999

OK here it is as promised. The 'Live In Leeds' 10" released on Karl from Canvas label Contrition Records. This was recorded at The Fenton pub in Leeds on 22nd Feb 1999. No Rolling Stones mobile recording unit here ,this was done on a mini-disc Walkman by Kalv Piper stood on the bar at the back. I remember this night well as it was our friend/merc/photo guy Bobby Vimto's birthday and he knocked himself unconscious whilst being a drunken fool. Great night! but unfortunately no pictures from the gig for the sleeve.

Ah yes the sleeve, we thought we should make it look nice to trick people into buying such a shit recording ha! ha!. But either way it looked great with its Who/Heresy rip off outer 12" sleeve then the AC/DC 10"sleeve inside. I think 502 were pressed on green vinyl and 27 on green and black vinyl like the picture below. There is also more 'Wicker Man' stuff here, from the vinyl labels to the stupid samples on the recording, obviously added at a later date. The whole thing was put together at Thumb Studio in Nottingham, which is where the bonus track was recorded a total piss take involving a few of HTS with Chris Neary and Paul Inger getting involved as well. Big thanks to Chris Ashworth for ripping this for me.
Its ripped as side a and side b.
Tracks Side A - Wicker Man intro/AC/DC intro/Hard To Swallow/Only A Glimpse of.../Pillblind/Needle Deep/Eyespot/Wicker Man outro closed groove.
Side B - Chainstich/Barricade/Melted/Strapped intro/Bonus Track/Wicker Man.


  1. First of all I am fucking stunned that mr.Bloody Kev himself is commenting on my blog and not sueing me!Second I am so honored by this that I dunno what to say!This blog is like a wet dream!I was just listening to Among the Missing-Order... when I read your comment!
    Its impossible to get your stuff online so this is like the holy grail of blogs for me!thx for all this amazing stuff man!I always loved HTS and RSH but when I found out that you were the replacement my wildest dreams came true!Its so sad that RSH split up I saw them live in 2000 or 2001 for the first time in Germany and since then it was over!Please take this serious every fucking thing you posted here is stuff I ve been seraching for years!I have all HTS splits on vinyl except "Protected..." cause its easier to find Atlantis than to buy a HTS record I`ve spent so much money on this stuff!And I always thought that all your other work is lost forever!
    I was just about posting a huge RSH discography with all their bootlegs I have and all their b sides I have but now that I personally talked to you I will think about it!
    As you see I posted the BLACK EYE RIOT full lenghth today(what a coincidence since it is a part of the family)ad yesterday I got my copy of the ARMOUR OF GOD / 3rd STONE split!
    I only need MY WAR-Wounds EP to add another gem to my collection but you know the story....the internet kids are not ready to listen to this UK madness!
    thx for reading my blog and thax for the awesoem music over all those years man!

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  3. Alright H
    Thanks for your kind words. Keep checking the blog as there is hell of a lot more stuff to put up yet. I'll hopefully get around to video footage at some point as well.
    OK if your after 'Protected' on vinyl 'Household Name Records' have a few left, follow the link on my HTS blog to their myspace.
    Thanks again

  4. please tell me since you were in this band, is it true that there is a RSH bonus track called "Giant Fucking Penis's"? there is a rumor it was on the japanese "how the gtreat have fallen" I know you werent part of the band at that moment but you were close tot hat,so what do you know about that?and tell me are there any "before the sea was built" leftovers?
    thx again
    that HELVIS stuff is awesome

  5. I dont know about the bonus track, but I'll ask Gaz and let you now. By left overs do you mean extra tracks? There was a song called 'Your Either With Us Or Against Us' but it didnt get past the rehersal stage. And the Japanese tour version of BTSWB had a cover of Eyehategod's $30 Bag on the end.

  6. yeah OK I know the EHG cover from the For The Sick Tribute.I only want to make sure I have everything by RSH.I have all their singles and special editions except the bonus DVD for HTGHF since its impossible to get it or even get any info on that.
    I`m gonna order that "protected..." vinyl for sure.
    were any HTS shirts made?or maybe do you have any in stock which you wanna sell?
    ebay sucks if its about that you seldomely find a vinyl split by HTS...
    its sad but now I have a good source I think.

  7. KEV! It's Michael (Gillham). Can you re-up this please? I was gonna put it on youtube (I already put other HTS stuff up) but can't find my original download. Or send it to me via if easier. Email : blackoperations_uk at hotmail dot com Thanks in advance