Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Helvis - Genocider 7" 1998

Wow! what can I say about this record?. It's just sounds totally sick, it's loud. raw, sloppy and sounds like it's been recorded in a dustbin but thats what make it great. This is the 1st release by Helvis it was recorded in Sept 1998 which is a couple of years before I joined full time. The line up here is Chris Marygold bass (later guitar), Steve Watson guitar (he went on to form the awesome Ravens Creed), Stu Toolin guitar, Kev Frost from Varukers on drums and Dorian Walters on vocals (who later went onto the insane Black Eye Riot). This is the only recording by this line up as it fell apart at a gig thats gone down in Nottingham punk folklore known as 'The Six Minutes Of Shame'. My band Sixhundredandsixtysixdead were in support that night so I had the pleasure to witness this shambolic event, Great stuff! O Yeah me and Marvin sing back ups on this. It came out on Weird Records in 1998. If you like it, I've just seen 6 copies for sale on ebay now.
A beautiful moment from the '6 Minutes Of Shame' above.
Get Genocider here.


  1. ^this sounds awesome its raw its dirty its genius thank you man

  2. THANK YOU! I never had a vinyl player but last summer at the Fluff Fest i found out that Helvis 7'' and i bought it just for the name/cover. Now i can listen too and wtf! Thanks!!