Monday, 9 February 2009

Helvis - Total Rock Radio Session 2002

Helvis were together 1998 - 2003 and were a mishmash of discharge and bad metal, I originally stood in to help out after they lost yet another (their 3rd?) singer, anyway I ended up staying and this was our final recording. I'll post the 1st 7" next which is pre- me in 1998, It's quite something.
Alright these are all the songs recorded for the Total Rock Radio session sometime around July/August 2002. I think we were in London to play the Johnny Morrow Tribute gig in Camden Underworld the same weekend. Only 4 songs were aired a couple of months later along with an interview with guitarist Chris. (If anyone has a recording of that please get in touch).

2 or 3 songs were sang by Gords now of 'Geriatric Unit'. He also did a load of back ups along with Bobby Vimto and Chris. I've left all the songs we fucked up at the end.

OK Pagans go shake the Hand Of Glory here.

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